The Relationship Tab

The relationships tab, shows all entities associated with the selected case. These may be parties in a legal sense, such as defendants or plaintiffs, or they may be other entities with an interest in the case. Examples of these are shown in the list. Other cases, can also be included in the relationships. Each entity can have two cheap jerseys roles. First, they have their basic role in the global database. These are typically broad categories, such as doctor, attorney, etc. They also have the role they play in each specific case. In our example, Doctor LaPorte’s role in the [...]


The settlement model, can be accessed through the icon found on your computer desktop. Simply use the left button on your mouse, and double click on the icon that looks like a cash register. If you are already logged into any Perfect Practice program, you will not have to log into the settlement model. When the settlement screen appears, it’ll default to the first open case that’s been initialized. The top section, shows the matter ID and matter name of the default case. To choose a different case, click on the Matter ID ellipsis. The case list will appear. Choose [...]