Using Images within Case Management

Perfect Practice Case Management has the capability to interface and store images with case files. It can be helpful to scan in important documents or photographs that could possibly get abused or misplaced in a paper file directly into Perfect Practice. After an image has been scanned and linked to Perfect Practice, the document or photograph can be accessed very easily from a case or party for viewing and printing. The Images Tab is located on the Entities screen. Prior to linking images in Perfect Practice they must be saved as JPG or TIF formatted files. The least efficient way [...]

Case Management Outlook Sync

The Perfect Practice Case Management Solution includes a program called “Perfect Practice Auto Sync” (PP Auto Sync) . This program aids our clients by syncing the Perfect Practice Calendar, Contacts and Tasks to Microsoft Outlook at the user level. PP auto sync can be started by double clicking the program on your workstation. This is normally found by navigating to C:\Program Files\ADC Legal Systems Inc.\Adcpp2\PerfPrac\Bin\ppAutoSynch.exe, Double click on ppautosync.exe. This will start the auto sync program. Once PP auto sync is running, it'll be in your open programs list in your system tray. Right click on the ppautosync icon and [...]

DocuTrac: Automated Document Assembly

The Perfect Practice DocuTrac module is used to merge documents from data fields within Perfect Practice. Unless your installation has pre-loaded template(s) from Perfect Practice, your system will come with 4 documents, 2 for Microsoft Word and 2 for Word Perfect. Simply double click on the document you wish to merge. Once selected, the document will appear in the Documents Selected list. If the auto merge feature has been turned on, the document will start to merge. If not, you must click on the merge documents button. Each user will be prompted to select the Preparer, when they select the [...]

Case Management Notes

Case Management Notes can be entered from a couple of places. Selecting the activities button from the classic menu, will allow you to enter notes, or any other type of activity. Make sure the notes tab is selected. This displays the notes list. All notes you've ever entered will be displayed. If this is a new system, there won't be any notes. Click on the new button, to add a note. The notes entry screen will be displayed. Since we didn't access the notes screen from a case, it will default to the person logged in. To associate the note [...]


Journals are a way to keep general ledger transactions, that originated from the same source, together. Setting up journals within Perfect Practice: Start within the accounting classic desktop. Select system setup/utilities to access the journal setup screen. Select setup Select division, dept/journal Select the journal radio button to view the journal entry screen. The first existing journal will display in the screen. Perfect Practice comes with pre-set journals, so you should see something. Examples of commonly used journals would be: Accounts Payable Cash Receipts Cash Disbursements A Journal for each Trust Account Click on the plus sign to enter a [...]