Creating a Web Search Command Button in Case Management

In this article we’ll discuss how to set up your own web buttons. Web buttons can be complicated, so a more advanced user should take on this task. To begin, open up a case. Select the questionnaire on which you wish to add the web help button. In this exercise, we'll use a web search questionnaire. Once on the questionnaire, press control alt M. This will put you into the maintenance mode. Please note, authorized users can only access maintenance mode. Left click on the yellow background, at the point you wish to place the new button. This will bring [...]

Automatic Numbering for Cases within Case Management:

Start by selecting the System utilities button from the main menu. Select system configuration. The default tab is the General tab. Select the Entities tab. Specific case types or party roles can be configured to use automatic numbering. One common method is to start the internal case number, with the year. This is normally set as an ID prefix. You can set YY as a marker for requesting the current year or you can use the 4-digit year. The day of the year is DD and even the current time can be utilized by specifying HH. Most of our case [...]

Setting up Divisions within Case Management and Time & Billing

Perfect Practice allows setup, of a multi-tiered chart of accounts structure, that can accommodate just about any accounting entity. Each separate entity that will be tracked in the general ledger is normally setup as a division. At least one Division must be set-up. Additional Divisions can be setup for different accounting entities, such as branch offices, unique professional associations within the firm, and even non-affiliated companies. Select System Setup/Utilities to access the division setup screen. Select setup then select division, dept./journal. The Division setup option, allows the system administrator, to determine the use of Department and/or Sub accounting under a [...]

Standard Reports Included

Perfect Practice is installed with almost 200 reports standard, combined with the functionality to create any type of custom report a client needs.   A small sampling of the standard reports included with Perfect Practice.   Accounts Payable Aging Matters Opened or Closed AP Invoice Aging AP Invoice History A/R Aging by Working Producer Accounts Receivable Aging Outstanding Receivables WIP & A/R Summary Bank Reconciliation GL Exceptions Reconcile Accounts Client Bill & Payment History Client Billable Summary Client Financial Status Clients Ranked by Billable Fees Clients Ranked by WIP Balances Area of Law Billable Summary Billing Summary by Working Producer [...]

Customizing Case Management with Questionnaires

Perfect Practice Case Management has been designed from the beginning as a user customizable solution. One of the many ways that a user (with appropriate permissions) can customize Perfect Practice to their unique requirements is via “Questionnaires”. A questionnaire within Perfect Practice is essentially a blank canvas that the user can add, create and modify fields within the practice management solution. This functionality empowers our customers to customize Perfect Practice to their unique needs without the need of a programmer. Although in some cases with a complex requirement (calculating interest as an example) a client may require a Perfect Practice [...]